Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Unique Valentine Gifts

Help friends and lovers quickly and easily find the best gifts - from the unique to the traditional - to charm any sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Find Unique Valentine Gifts

The tried and true gifts always work - flowers, perfume, chocolates - but here are some unique gift ideas:

* Massaging Cushion: Massage is a great way to relax with a special
someone. View over 5,000 massage related products offered, including shiatsu massage chairs, how-to books and essential oils.

* Unique chocolates: Instead of giving the cliché box of chocolates,
gift givers will get extra credit for creativity by hosting a romantic night
that features a professional s'mores maker or a chocolate fondue fountain.
View 3,500 chocolate products offered - enough to satisfy any Valentine's
Day craving.

* Always a winner - Valentine Gift Basket or a Spa Gift Certificate

Valentine's Day Gift Basket

* Red accessories: A patent leather coin purse or red handbag
made in Europe will win over any crush. View over than 1,000 red handbags, searchable by price, brand, material and shape to name a few.

* Sexy lingerie: For the more intimate gifts, many shoppers prefer to
browse anonymously. Shy shoppers can purchase from the privacy of their home without fear of embarrassment. View over 10,000 products offered in
lingerie, searchable by material, store, price, gender and age, apparel type
and more.

* Stylish dog sweater: According to a recent survey by the American
Animal Hospital Association, 86 percent of pet owners include their pet in
holiday celebrations. View more than 10,000 pet products to spoil any furry
companion. These products can be searched by various categories including
pet type, material, food and treats and collars and leashes.

* Pink iPod case: With millions of Nanos sold over the past year, the
must-have accompanying gift is the perfect case to hold one. View over 1,600 MP3 player cases and allows consumers to choose based on many attributes such as shape, color and size.

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Pink iPod Case

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