Artificial plant - Artificial plants are the designer's secret

Artificial plants are the most versatile decorating tool. One smartly placed palm, ficus or cactus will be the focal point of a room. The best part is that they don't require watering, food or sunlight.

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Ever wonder what it is about a model home that makes it look so pulled together? What is it about the rooms that make them so warm and welcoming? It is probably the clever and artful use of artificial plants and flowers . Most rooms call out for the aesthetic beauty of greenery.

Studies have proven that people feel more relaxed in the natural setting created by plants and flowers. A room can be virtually transformed by only one artificial plant.

Artificial Flower

The vibrant beauty of artificial plants is not restricted to the indoors. Many manufacturers create plants and trees specifically for the outdoors that are weather and fade resistant. They make wonderful additions to an outdoor screened in porch, patio or entry way. Artificial plants like cactus and flowering succulents add a particularly tropical feel to your outdoor living space.

Picturesque decorative ponds are a popular backyard focal point. Some are graced with colorful fish and tropical aquatic plants. As lovely as they are to look at, the plants require the maintenance of a delicate balance in order to flourish. It is quite time consuming and replacing dead plants is costly. The perfect solution is aquatic artificial plants for your pond. They last for years and require no maintenance. Simply place them in, anchor them down with rocks and enjoy their beauty for years. No one will ever know that they are not live plants.

Artificial plants are virtually maintenance free. If you keep indoor plants out of direct sunlight they will retain their rich color. When dust starts to collect on petals and leaves, it is easy to clean . Simply place a cup of table salt in a large paper bag. Grocery bags are ideal and readily available. Remove the plant from the container if you can do this easily without ruining the integrity of the plant or arrangement. Then gently place it inside the paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times and shake the bag. The salt will lightly scrub the dust from the petals and leaves. Then shake the arrangement a bit as you take it out of the paper bag to remove any excess salt. That is all there is to it! If the salt is not too dirty, save it for future use.

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