Dried flower arrangements - Making arrangements from dried flowers

Arrangements are easy to make, and rather inexpensive if you make your own dried flowers.

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Dried flower arrangements have been around since the 19 th century. The first dried flower arrangements graced pianos, sideboards and windowsills during the long cold winter months when there were no fresh flowers to be found.

Twenty or so years ago it was not easy to find a variety of dried flowers to use when you made an arrangement. But that is not the case any longer. Today local craft stores and florists carry an extensive collection of dried flowers and preserved plant material, including favorites like lavender and hydrangea . Craft stores also carry all the materials you will need to create stunning dried flower arrangements, wreaths and swags.

Dried Flower Arrangement

Make your own dried flowers

It is also quite easy to make your own dried flowers for arranging. Many garden flowers and wild plants can be dried simply by hanging them upside down in a dry, warm place for a few weeks. Just follow these simple steps:

• Cut the flowers just before their prime or slightly immature

• Remove lower leaves from the stems

• Group the flowers in small bunches, staggering them slightly so flowers don't touch

• Hang flowers upside down in a dry, warm area such as a closet, laundry room or kitchen

• Allow flowers to dry for two to three weeks. You can test the flowers by feeling the petals. If they are completely dry, they should feel stiff like paper.

Making your own dried flower arrangement

It is easy and fun to make your own custom dried floral arrangement. With just a few supplies from your local craft store, you can create dried flower works of art. You will need:

-A container to hold your arrangement (vase, basket, bucket)

- Florist's foam or oasis

- Florist's tape

- A selection of dried flowers

You will first want to lay out all of your dried flowers. By seeing all the flowers in front of you, you can better visualize your final design. Next you will need to cut your florist's foam so that it fits snuggly into your container. Then secure the foam to the container with a few pieces of florist's tape that goes across the foam and attaches to the container. Two pieces will usually secure an arrangement nicely. Now you can start trimming your dried flowers and inserting them into the foam. Be sure to turn your arrangement often so you can view it from various sides. Keep adding dried flowers until you have achieved the look you desire.

It is that easy. Now you have a one of a kind dried floral arrangement that will beautify your home for years to come.

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