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Don't let the name fool you! An artificial flower arrangement is remarkably life-like, sometimes looking more perfect and vibrant than the real thing - at a fraction of the cost.

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Although there is no denying the awe inspiring beauty and fragrance of a live bloom, in some situations, artificial flowers are the wise choice. Live flowers wilt, discolor and stain clothing and linens. They also perish quickly. A bride who carries a silk flower arrangement on her wedding day, or places artificial flower arrangements or rings on her guests' tables, will have lifelong keepsakes of her special day.

The cost of live floral arrangements is high and rising rapidly. That is part of why artificial flower arrangements have become so popular. At a fraction of the cost of what live flowers would run, you can have beautiful flowers that last a lifetime rather than days. A prudent bride could easily get her wedding bouquet, all of her bridesmaids bouquets, the ushers' boutonnières made from artificial flowers for what it would normally cost just for her live bouquet. And at the end of the day, everyone can keep their beautiful artificial arrangements as a beautiful and lasting memento.

Artificial Flower Arrangement

If your budget is tight buy you would still long for the color and beauty of an artificial flower arrangement or just some greenery in a pot or basket, it is easy and fun to make your own. And you don't need to have any previous flower arranging experience. With a few supplies from your local craft store, you can design breathtaking custom arrangements. If you would like a little inspiration or direction, just pick up a how-to book while you are at the craft store. Most books include easy to understand photos to guide you every step of the way. Before you know it, friends and family will be asking for your lovely creations for special occasions and holidays. Artificial flower rings given with a candle to place in the center, make a thoughtful and inexpensive gift.

Caring for your artificial flower arrangement is easy. Most importantly, keep it out of direct sunlight that will fade its flowers and leaves. When dust starts to collect on it, you can clean it by simply placing a cup of table salt in a large paper bag. Grocery bags are great for this purpose. Remove the arrangement from the container if you can do this easily without ruining the integrity of the arrangement. Then gently place it inside the paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times and then shake the bag. The salt works like an abrasive and will lightly scrub the dust from the petals and leaves. Shake the arrangement a bit as you take it out of the paper bag to remove all the salt. If the salt is not too sullied, save it in the paper bag for future use.

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