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Artificial Christmas trees have long been the centerpiece of holiday decorating. They continue to gain popularity because of the high maintenance and high price of live trees, and the fabulous innovations in artificial Christmas tree technology.

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Today, artificial Christmas trees are available in so many creative and versatile new forms, they inspire remarkable holiday decorating ideas. With so many styles, sizes, colors and materials to choose from, it is a snap to personalize your holiday decorations to reflect your unique style. You could say that artificial Christmas trees have put the fun back into decking the halls!

The introduction of the first artificial Christmas tree came in 1930. The Addis Brush Company created the very first one, utilizing their toilet brush machinery. From these crude beginnings, technology has come a long way. The artificial trees available today are remarkably realistic, with rich, natural green colors, dense branches and lush greenery that looks fresh-cut. For the ultimate in convenience, many artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit. No more untangling and testing strings of lights. Pre lit Christmas trees leave holiday decorators free to enjoy finding the perfect place to hang cherished ornaments.

Christmas Tree

If you can't have a white Christmas, why not have a white Christmas tree? These flocked beauties look as if fresh fallen snow has settled on your tree. Add lights and ornaments and you have a winter wonderland in your living room. White Christmas trees are a favorite with children who enjoy watching the lights reflect off the white crystal branches.

A practical innovation in artificial Christmas trees is the slim tree. Developed out of necessity, a slim tree's footprint is at least half that of a regular artificial Christmas tree. It fits easily into tight quarters like studio apartments and dorms. You get all the beauty in half the space. These are also available conveniently prelit.

One of the hottest holiday accents is the Christmas Palm tree. It brings a fun and tropical feeling to Christmas. You can string your own lights on this tree, or you may want to consider purchasing it pre lit. If you string your own lights, when the holidays have passed, you can remove the lights and keep your decorative artificial palm tree as a permanent part of your décor. On the other hand, if you choose a pre lit tree, the soft twinkling lights will add ambiance to a room 365 days a year.

Whatever artificial Christmas tree you choose, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. As a matter of fact, buy several!

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