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Fake flowers look as lovely as the real thing. They are turning up in arrangements, wedding bouquets and everywhere you see live flowers. The good new is that they last forever and cost much less than real flowers.

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Quality fake flowers look so lifelike that even the most perceptive eye will have trouble telling them apart from live flowers without touching them. Are you wondering how they make them so realistic? It is the state-of-the-art molding techniques that have greatly improved the look of fake flowers and plants.

Petals and leaves from live plants are used to create the prototypes. Highly detailed screen printing is also used to add color, and variations of color, to enhance the natural appearance.

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Recently, manufacturers have added deliberate "flaws" to the blooms themselves to bring realism to a higher level. This is a clever trick. With deliberate missing petals, and brown smudges on outer petals, fake flowers look more real than ever before.

Even though most fake flowers are not made from silk, the term " silk flower " has become a generic one for these lifelike blooms. But most fake flowers are actually made from a cotton/polyester blend. These materials hold the color and retain the applied textures much better than silk. However, when it comes to selecting fake flowers, your own personal taste is the most important determiner. No matter what the cost, if you like the look of a particular fake flower, it is the right one for you.

When shopping for fake flowers for that special arrangement, look around. Prices and quality vary greatly. Local craft stores usually carry lower end flowers, while florists and wholesalers usually carry the higher end flowers. Keep in mind that price is not always a good indicator of the quality of the flower however. Look closely at the material, it should be soft, supple and without flaws. And be particularly watchful for signs of wear, like faded or fraying leaves.

The selection of fake flowers today is virtually endless. However, some are more popular than others. So, what fake flowers are the most popular? Tropical flowers are a hands down favorite and make an eye catching statement. Orchids , Irises and Magnolias are some of the most bold and beautiful. More traditional flowers such as Roses , Hydrangea, Lavender and Poppy are also popular.

It is easy to see why more and more people are choosing fake flowers over real flowers. They are everlasting and cost a fraction of what live flowers would cost. That is why they have become so popular not only in home décor, but in weddings and event decorations. You could say that they have come a long way.

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