Fake trees - Make a fake tree your decorating focal point

There is a very good chance that the beautiful and lush tree you admired at a friend's home was a fake tree. They are quickly replacing the real thing because life-like fake trees are economical and require little maintenance. They are the smart choice.

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With today's indoor, climate controlled environments, it is difficult to maintain a healthy tree. Even so, there are rooms in our homes and offices that cry out for the aesthetic beauty of greenery. Studies have shown that people feel more relaxed in the natural setting created by plants and flowers. The answer is a fake tree . You can virtually transform a lifeless room with one fake tree.

Don't let the name fool you. These fake trees are not your grandmother's plastic trees. They are attractive trees that are lush and lifelike. Some manufacturers even incorporate genuine tree trunks and branches for an even more natural look. You would literally have to touch a leave for yourself to be able to tell the difference.

Silk Palm Tree

Decorating with a fake tree  

Fake trees are versatile decorating tools. They are light weight and can be easily moved as your decorating mood changes. A bare corner will be revived with an elegant silk palm tree . Stately fake Bamboo trees smartly separate a living room from a dining room in a loft apartment, without making the space feel closed in. Just use your imagination, because there is really no limit to the ways you can use a fake tree.

A fake Christmas tree has become a staple of the holidays. Each year more and more savvy families are choosing fake Christmas trees over live ones. Not only do they come in remarkably lifelike varieties, but they are light weight and can be easily stored and quickly put up each year. They eliminate the hard and messy work of cutting down a tree, bringing it home and setting it up - not to mention the expense. They also eliminate the airborne allergens live trees bring into your home.

Caring for your fake tree  

Your fake tree is virtually maintenance free. However, you can extend its life by keeping it out of direct sunlight that will fade leaves and flowers. When your tree starts to get a little dusty, cleaning it is quick and easy. For a quick fix, pull out the feather duster. For more stubborn dust, try your blow dryer. Use the cool setting, and with just a few bursts of air, the dust will come right off.

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