Freeze dried flowers and rose petals

You can preserve the fleeting beauty of any flower by freeze drying it. From a special corsage or boutonnière to a wedding bouquet, you can literally freeze the moment and enjoy them for years to come.

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Freeze dried flowers are the answer for anyone who ever wished that a special flower or arrangement could have lasted more than 24 hours, or that they could have preserved their wedding bouquet.

These wonderful memory filled blooms are not only expensive, but full of sentimentality. It is no wonder that freeze drying has become so popular.

Whatever you do, don't go tossing your wedding bouquet in the freezer! Instead of a freeze dried wedding bouquet, you will create a large frozen lump of dead flowers. What you should do is take it to a local freeze-drying specialist as soon as possible. The fresher the flowers when you have them freeze dried, the better the final results. Once with a specialist they are put into an industrial freeze drying machine, costing thousands of dollars, for twelve to fourteen days. This machine removes air from the chamber and crystallizes the moisture as it is removed from the flowers.

Dried Flower

You should know that colors will change slightly when flowers are freeze dried. Green flowers lighten up to a dark yellow and white flowers often change to ivory. Yellow, blue and red flowers tend to keep their original hue. The changes however are subtle and are insignificant when compared to the ability to make time stand still.

Another beautiful product of this new technology is freeze dried rose petals. They are an elegant decoration for any event. Instead of bird seed or bubbles, have guests toss freeze dried rose petals at your wedding. They are a naturally biodegradable product and they can be easily cleaned up. You can also use these lovely and fragrant petals in the flower girl's basket since they don't stain carpet like fresh petals will. You may also want to toss them on tables for a decorative touch.

If you will be displaying your cherished freeze dried flowers, you will want to protect them under glass. If you don't have a curio cabinet, a simple glass dome will protect them from dust and keep them looking fresh and lovely.

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