Hydrangea Flower - Make your own dried hydrangea flower

If they haven't already, dried hydrangeas will capture your fancy. The beloved blooms perform as well in arrangements as they do in Christmas garlands. They are beautiful and versatile, and you can even make your own.

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A Dried hydrangea is as popular and versatile as the fresh cut flower. Part of their magic is their vibrant color. When dried, hydrangeas turn a myriad of colors from light green to purple. Because of its beauty, a dried hydrangea is a favorite in arrangements, wreaths and garland. Best of all, hydrangeas continue to look beautiful for years.

Making your own dried hydrangea

Some hydrangea varieties dry better than others. The two varieties that tend to give you the best result are Pee Gee and Nikko Blue. However, don't despair if you have another variety. All varieties can be dried with varying degrees of success.

Dried Hydrangea

Timing is the secret to successful drying. The flowers should be picked in early fall, but you can pick them as late as December. However, you don't want to pick young blooms because their petals are weak and they will loose their shape when dried. Older blooms work better because their petals are stiffer. You can tell that a bloom is ready when its petals have developed a papery consistency.

There are two drying processes to choose from. Both ways will yield beautiful dried hydrangeas. One way is to hang your flowers upside down in a cool dry location, out of direct sun. Another option is to place the flowers in a vase or container filled half way with water and left in a cool dry place.

Dried hydrangeas add lush beauty to any dried flower arrangement . And they work well with any other dried flower , particularly dried roses and dried lavender . But whether in an arrangement or standing alone in a vase, a dried hydrangea is a romantic reminder of days gone by.

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