Dried Lavender - Many uses for dried lavender flower buds

The color and fragrance of dried lavender flowers make it a favorite among dried flower enthusiasts and herbalists alike. You may be surprised to find that not only does it look and smell beautiful, but it has many other uses as well.

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Popular for its sweet aromatic fragrance, and gorgeous color, dried lavender is the magic ingredient in dried arrangements and sachets. The good news is that dried lavender flowers can be found at most craft stores or local florists. They are one of the more inexpensive varieties of dried flower. So use it abundantly and enjoy!

When shopping for dried lavender, be sure to check and make sure that it has retained its deep, rich color and aroma. If the color has faded and the aroma is barely discernable, do not buy it. It may not have been packaged or stored correctly. Continue your search at another store, it will be worth it.

Dried Lavender

If you are lucky enough to have lavender plants of your own, it is easy to harvest their sweet aromatic flowers. You will want to harvest your lavender just as the buds begin to open. Cut off long stems with the flowers, leaving the plant looking like a neat little mound. This harvesting technique yields lots of stems for arranging, and keeps your plant pruned and healthy.

As you harvest the stems, put them in small bunches tied snugly together with string or rubber bands. Hang the bunches upside down in a dark, cool, well ventilated area to dry for about a week. Once dry, you can put them in arrangements, on wreaths or just in a vase. Another lovely presentation for dried lavender is to tie the bunches with pretty ribbon and wrap them in lavender tissue paper. These make great gifts.

If you want to make dried lavender sachets, rub the lavender buds off the stems with your fingers, and collect them in a bowl. Then fill little silk or muslin bags and tie them with a pretty ribbon. These dainty sachets can be tucked into the linen closet to delicately scent sheets and towels, or into a chest to aromatically protect wool sweaters.

Dried lavender is a must for any dried flower arrangement . Its color and linear shape add dimension and variety. It is also very popular in wreaths and swags. But did you know that when used in wedding bouquets it sends the message of "best wishes & good luck" to the bride and groom?

As if there weren't enough great uses for dried lavender, recent studies have indicated that lavender will relieve stress and headaches in the work place. No matter what your preference, you can be sure to enjoy this lovely gift of nature.

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