Dried rose - Dried roses, petals and buds last forever

A great way to make fresh cut roses last forever is to turn them into dried roses. It is easy to do. And there are so many beautiful things you can create with dried roses, dried petals and dried buds.

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The easiest way to make dried roses is to simply air dry them. However, there are a few tricks that will make it easier and give you a better end result.

The first is to take your roses out of the water early. Most people wait until the roses are half dead to dry them. It can be done this way, but the dried roses, petals and buds won't look nearly as nice as they could. For the best result, select roses just a couple of days before their prime while they still appear tight. The fact is that roses past their prime and in full bloom usually drop their petals easily when dried, leaving you with just the dried centers on the stem. This is not the look you want in an arrangement you created. Fresh to Dry Seasonal Wreath Gift Club at 1-800-Flowers.com

Dried Roses

When you have chosen your roses for drying, remove the lower leaves from the stems. Then, using rubber bands to fasten, group roses together in small bunches. Stagger the height of the roses in each bunch so that the blooms are not touching each other. Then hang the bundles in a dry, dark, warm area. Clothes hangers work well for this purpose. And good areas to hang your roses are closets, basements, garages or even from your kitchen ceiling.

It will only be about 10 days before you have lovely dried roses. The best way to tell if your roses are dried is to feel them. The petals and leaves should have a stiff, paper-like feeling. If they are still supple or moist, they need more time.

Before you start, there are a few things you will need.

- Pruning sheers

- Coat hangers or floral wire

- Rubber bands

- Waste basket

Although all dried roses are beautiful, some colors dry better than others. Pink, yellow, medium red and orange roses produce nicely colored dried rose petals and buds. Other colors produce less desirable colors. For instance dark red roses tend to turn black, and white roses usually turn grey.

And a final tip is to think ahead about how you will use your dried roses, petals and buds. When dried, roses are crinkly and brittle. A dried bunch that is intertwined will be difficult to take apart without it falling apart.

Now you are ready to arrange your beautiful dried roses in a vase with some other dried flowers like baby's breath, lavender or hydrangea. Your dried rose petals make a beautiful potpourri. And dainty dried buds are sweet glued to the rim of a basket or around a picture frame. Whatever your do with them, enjoy your dried beauties.


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