Artificial topiaries - Add an artificial topiary for beauty indoors or outdoors

Remarkably life-like artificial topiaries are an elegant addition to any décor. They look as natural in your living room as they do outdoors on your patio. And they are such excellent imposters that you would have to touch them to know they are not alive.

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Because they don't require the extensive care that live topiaries do, artificial topiaries have become quite popular. They add beauty and elegance to weddings, banquets and other affairs. Plus they can be customized just like live flower arrangements to fit any theme.

If you want a custom artificial topiary , you will most likely need to visit a florist, or home decorating store. You will get exactly what you want, but it will also be at a high price. However, if you are at all crafty, you can easily make your own at a fraction of the cost. With a quick visit to your local craft store, or online craft store, you can get all the materials you need to assemble exquisite custom artificial topiaries.

Artificial Topiary

What you will need to make your artificial topiary:

Container such as a flower pot, urn or basket. The size will depend on how large your topiary will be

Floral sponge block or Styrofoam

Foam ball(s) or cone(s). An artificial boxwood will also work well as a form. It will save you form having to cover the form as thoroughly.

Curley branch of wood - Deer moss (sheet moss)

Silk flowers,

Dried Flowers

Greenery - ivy works well for this

Scissors and knife

Embellishments (such as ribbon, artificial birds, beads, etc.)

To get started, shape the floral sponge with a knife to fit into your container. You will want to leave some room at the top of the pot for moss. Push your branch into the middle of the floral sponge. You may want to use a little hot glue if the stick wobbles at all.

Cut the greenery and silk flowers to about 2 inches and insert them into your foam ball or cone. If you want a truly natural look, go ahead and glue sheets of deer moss over the form. This technique uses far less silk and dried flowers. Arrange your flowers and greenery so that they are evenly dispersed and all same height.

This is the time to add your embellishments. An opulent bow at the base of the ball or cone is an elegant touch. Or, you could place it at the base of the topiary. Artificial birds add a colorful garden feeling. Glass or ceramic Christmas decorations add a holiday feel. There is no limit to ways you can decorate your custom artificial topiary.

Now you can push the decorated ball or cone onto the stick. Make sure it is straight and balanced so it will not tip over. Lastly, you will want to place some Deer Moss around the base of the topiary to cover the form. If you want a lusher look, you can even add some ivy to the base and let it trail down the container.

It is that easy to make a custom artificial topiary. Now just listen to all the compliments.

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