Artificial tree - Artificial trees add big decorating impact

An artificial tree will transform your home or office into an oasis in the concrete urban desert. Today's artificial trees look as real as any live tree and require little care. At a fraction of the cost of a live tree, they have little impact on your decorating budget.

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Artificial trees are the chosen option for home and office decorating today. They have become so popular because they offer the lush green look of a live plant, without the brown and dropping leaves, regular watering and feeding, periodic bug infestation, and the water damage to furniture and floors. Artificial trees will look as vibrant when you return from vacation as when you left.

There is also that pesky characteristic of live plants - growth. With an artificial tree, that Ficus that fit perfect in the corner of the living room won't one day swallow the occasional chair that stood next to it.

With the popularity of artificial trees also came an ever broadening variety. You can choose from species ranging from exotic bonsai trees to tropical palm trees. Whatever your taste or décor, there is an artificial tree that will enhance your space.

Artificial Tree

The most popular artificial tree, by far, remains the pine tree for use during Christmas. Many people choose an artificial Christmas tree because they don't want to shorten the life of a living tree, they can reuse it year after year, and they want to avoid airborne allergens often associated with live trees brought indoors.

If durability is a concern, an artificial tree is the answer. It will look fresh and vibrant for years with little care. Simply keep it out of direct sunlight that will fade its leaves and flowers, and clean it when it gets a little dusty.

The leaves of many artificial trees are made of either a polyester material or silk. On some varieties, real plant materials are used to enhance the look. For instance, a normally unattractive fibreglass trunk could be covered with natural bark to give it a lifelike appearance.

When shopping for your artificial tree, keep in mind a few simple tips. Check the look and the feel of the leaves. They should be supple and soft, giving them a more authentic look. Make sure the color of the leaves and flowers looks natural. Also check for signs of wear like fading or fraying on the edges. Lastly, keep safety in mind and ask whether it is fire retardant. Stay away from any artificial trees that are not, because they can easily catch fire, giving off potentially toxic fumes. Look for quality trees that are not only beautiful but safe.

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