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Shopping for wholesale dried flowers and arrangements will save you money if you shop smart. There are great buys to be had, as long as you know what to watch out for and you are willing to do some comparison shopping.

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When shopping for wholesale dried flowers , you need to think ahead. Most wholesalers buy in bulk and stock a full season early. This means that you'll need to start thinking about Christmas when summer has barely passed.

For most of us, that is not easy to do. For instance in early fall, you will find fall flowers on clearance and Christmas flowers already stocked. So, if you like to do things last minute, but you also like the price of wholesale dried flowers, then you should stock up now for next year.

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The wholesale dried flower arrangements available at any given time are not dependant on a season but rather time itself. Beautiful arrangements can be found year round. However, if you have a favorite that is a bit out of your budget, keep an eye on it. When it comes time for the wholesaler to clear out old inventory to bring in new, you will get a great buy!

The eyes have it when it comes to shopping for wholesale dried flowers and arrangements. Be sure to examine them closely. For delicate flowers like hydrangeas, make sure that they are whole and that pieces have not been knocked or crumbled off. For colorful flowers like lavender , be sure that their colors are not faded from the sun. If, however, you still wish to buy a group of dried flowers that are damaged, this is your opportunity to negotiate a nice price. Don't be shy. If you don't buy them, they would most likely be thrown in the trash. It is a win win situation.

The best way to find a good whole wholesale dried flower supplier is through word of mouth. If you can't find one that way, your local yellow pages will work as well. When you do find one, you can expect to spend a good deal of time at their warehouse. The selection is usually large and you won't want to miss anything.

If you are computer savvy, you can't beat shopping online for convenience. The prices tend to be even better than a local wholesaler can offer, because they sell in such huge volume. Even so, there are drawbacks. When shopping online, you don't get to see and touch the flowers in person before you purchase them. Also, there is that pesky shipping and handling charge that you need to add to the equation. And, of course, you don't get to bring your flowers home with you that day.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding a dried flower wholesaler that has just the flowers or arrangement you are looking for. Just remember these few simple tips and you should find the right flowers at the right price.

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