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Candles emit radiant romance, elegant formality, or even cozy comfort. Scented candles, whether soy, unity, gel or floating can be used at all occassions, such as weddings, bring a gentle delicate light, pleasurable aroma, and infinite selection with colors and shapes to help augment any home decorating theme.

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If there is a mood you want to express, there is no other medium that can assist you like candles. Placing candles in different locations throughout your home can create an array of moods. Candles are attractive symbols for weddings - a unity candle will be treasured forever.

On your dining room table, tall tapers will help you achieve formality. Using three wicks in the living room will help illuminate the coffee or end table and say comfort to your family and guests.

A few pillar candles in the bedroom will add romance or even just a peaceful setting to help you unwind at the end of a busy day. Scents also add another dimension to any mood.

You can turn any mundane bath into a relaxing get-away in your bathroom. Just surround your tub with lighted candles, turn off the lights and slip into comfort. Add a soothing fragrance, like chamomile or lavender, for an aromatherapy experience. You will be amazed at what 10 to 15 minutes in a bath surrounded by candles will do for any busy soul needing a break.

Another dazzling way to used candles is to place them on or in front of mirrors. This creates a beautiful glow to your living room by doubling the illumination.


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