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Gel candles are an excellent idea if you are looking for a candle to fit a theme. Gel candles are poured into many different shapes and novelties. This will make it almost impossible to not find a gel candle to fit your décor. Gel Candles are also really easy to make at home, with candle-making stores offering various handmade candle kits, and other wholesale supplies.

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Gel candles have become one of the most popular crafts on the market. The jelly like substance is liquefied and can be poured over decorative items such as beads, sea shells, and flower petals that are placed in a glass bowl or jar to leave you with beautiful candle ensembles.

You will be amazed at the array of options you will have to theme a party or room. The novelty is limitless, as you can find these gel candles in the shape of anything from food and drinks to seascape patterns.

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Gel Candles - Scented, Fruit, Handmade & Other Types

The gel candles come in the shapes of drinks such as wine, champagne, martinis, even a frosty mug of beer. They come in large glasses, jars, and even as small as shot glasses.

The gel candles can be made in pie tins made to look like, even smell like your favorite pie. They can be made into fruit gel candles that look like the whole fruit or just a citrus slice. Seascape gel candles have sea shells and fish and the gel is colored blue to appear as though the fish are swimming in water.

Candles are usually seen as feminine gifts but not gel candles. You can find your favorite man's favorite sports star, a gel candle in a beer mug with his favorite team or player's number on it. There are Nascar beer mug gel candles, New York Yankees beer mug gel candles. The men in your life will be thrilled to burn gel candles made in these signature glasses. Don't forget decorating for that sports theme party, gel candles are your answer.

Gel candles are the perfect touch to any party. Brighten up your serving table or even give the gel candles away as favors for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings. Just think if you give away gel candles in shot glasses the favors have more than one purpose.

Gel candles can be purchased at a discount, or in wholesale prices and there are many kits to make your own gel candles available on line. Begin your search for the perfect gel candle now and you won't be disappointed.

Always remember never to leave these candles burning unattended. Gel candles are known to be a higher risk for fire hazard, so always burn with caution.

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