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Gold Canyon Candle Company is here to provide you with "The World's Finest" candles and accessories. Nothing warms your home with fragrance like a candle from Gold Canyon.

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Gold Canyon prides itself on its premium quality, strong fragrance, and affordable prices. Gold Canyon Candle Company not only has a wide selection of products but also offers employment opportunity as well as fundraising.

Gold Canyon Candle Co. has a wide variety of candle fragrances and accessories to brighten up your home. From their renowned Signature Series with 57 scents to their Pillar Series with 5 elegant scents they are sure to have the product you desire.

Gold Canyon Candle
Gold Canyon Candle Company - History & Information

Gold Canyon Candle Company began in 1997, when Karen Waisath wanted to develop a candle with a scent strong enough to fill her home. In the kitchen of Karen and her husband Curt, Karen began to experiment with many varieties of wax and fragrance. After extensive research and many attempts Karen finally created her dream candle and Gold Canyon Candle Company was formed.

Gold Canyon's scented products have slowly made their way into the homes across North America and the world. Gold Canyon Co. is based out of Arizona and is determined to maintain superior standards while providing their customers with a spectacular product without emptying their pockets.

Gold Canyon also offers opportunity for anyone interested in either starting their own business or wanting to work out of their home by becoming a Distributor. Demonstrator, or even simply hosting a party.

Gold Canyon Candle Company provides both distributors and demonstrators all the needed training to begin and maintain their business with annual conferences and regional meetings. This is an excellent career opportunity for anyone looking to earn extra income while having a flexible schedule.

Not only does Gold Canyon Candle Co. offer employment opportunity but also fundraising for any organization looking to raise money. Gold Canyon Candle Company will offer a simple and effective way to fundraise. There are many reasons to select Gold Canyon Candle Co. as your fundraiser. 40 % of profits go directly to your organization, and the high amount of profit made on each candle allows your organization to earn more while selling less. Gold Canyon Candle Co will provide your organization with Seller Packets making your fundraising less work for you.

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