Hanging Closet Systems

Hanging closet systems simplify closet organization. Having an organized closet reduces stress and improves your home value. The third most important home feature according to real estate experts is a spacious master suite complete with a well-equipped closet. The only way to have a closet that will appeal to buyers is by creating plenty of usable space. .

When choosing a closet system, jot down what you need for storage. Those working in an office with a professional dress code are going to need more space for suits and dress shirts than someone working in a factory where jeans and t-shirts are the norm. If you own plenty of shoes, a shoe storage system must be part of your closet organizer.

Installing Hanging Closet Systems

Installation of hanging closet systems is easy. Start by finding your wall studs. You must have the hanging strips attached to studs or the screws will pull from the wall as soon as you start adding the weight of clothing. If you lack studs in the proper place, you can almost attach boards horizontally attaching those boards to the studs so that you have the support you need.

Once you have the hanging strips screwed into place, you'll add the shelf supports into the desired slot. You won't need tools for this step. Most hanging closet system's shelf supports tilt or snap into place once you've inserted their hardware into the groove on the hanging strip.

Companies Offering Hanging Closet Systems

EasyClosets.com manufactures a wide range of closet organizers in many wood tones. Their systems attach to the hanging strips you mount on the walls. EasyClosets.com closet storage organizers are durable enough to hold up to 1,200 pounds.

EasyTrack.com also offers wood tone closet organizers. Their closet systems include hanging rods drawers and shelves. The systems attach to the hanging rails and can also hold up to 1,200 pounds.

Freedom Rail hanging closet systems use coated wire shelves and fixtures that allow air to flow freely around your closet. This is great help for those who deal with musty smells in their home. The closet organizers hang from secured hanging rails installed on your closet walls.

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