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Before you buy your sofa slipcovers there are a few things you should know. With all the different styles and brands of slipcovers for sofas out there, you need to be sure that your slipcover fits both your sofa and your lifestyle.

The very first thing you need to consider when shopping for sofa slipcovers is how your furniture is styled and how it is used.

Particularly with ready-made sofa slipcovers, the construction and use will play a big part in how your slipcover will fit and stay-put on your sofa. Just as a stylish, well-fitted denim sofa cover will instantly improve the look of a room, a baggy, wrinkly slip cover will detract from your décor (not to mention drive you crazy with constant tucking!).

To select the appropriate slip cover for your sofa, loveseat or oversized chair, you will need to know what construction type your furniture is. There are generally three categories:

Tight back – Tight back furniture has a smooth, tight, single, attached cushion on the back. This style usually provides the best fit and finish for ready made slip covers.

Attached pillow back – Attached pillow back furniture usually has two or more attached cushions across the back. It provides a good base for slipcovers but may require a layer of batting to fill in the cracks between the cushions.

Loose pillow back – Loose back furniture can be a challenge when it comes to ready-made slipcovers. But again, a bit of batting can hold the cushions in place and fill cracks.

Multi (or scatter) pillow back – Multi pillow back furniture is a true challenge for ready made slipcovers. Although not the best scenario, the loose pillows can be arranged as flat as possible along the back and covered with batting. You may need to remove one of the pillows across the back to get the flat effect.

As you can see, your furniture style makes a great deal of difference when it comes to ready-made slip covers. Tight back and attached back styles work best, while loose back and scatter back styles pose a challenge. There are some styles, such as wing back chairs, couches with t cushions or sectionals that may require special tweaking. Wingback pieces, in general, don't do well with ready made slipcovers. However, if your budget allows, custom slipcovers work best for hard-to-fit pieces.

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