Slip Covers for Dining Chairs, Wingback Chairs and More

Chair covers will transform your old, worn out chairs in minutes. Don't toss out those old dining room chairs or parson-style chairs, that faded wingback chair or those stark looking folding chairs. Slip covers will change them from dull to designer in minutes!

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Simple chair covers or slipcovers will transform even a $5 garage sale find into a real beauty. The key is luscious, quality material that warms up a room the moment you slip your chair cover on. So take a look at the chairs in your house. Do they need a little sprucing up? As long as the structure is sound and the lines are good, you are set.

To start with, you need the right chair. But don't make the mistake of looking at a chair superficially. Look deep. No, deeper! Focus on the overall shape instead of the ratty crushed velvet upholstery. Also keep in mind that a chair with simple lines will be the easiest to find or make chair covers or slip covers for. Next, sit in it. A chair is not worth covering if it is falling apart. If it requires too much repair it may not be worth the money or the effort.

If you don't have the time or the talent to make your own chair covers, you are in luck. You have plenty to choose from. Custom chair cushions are a fabulous option but can be expensive. Luckily, most department stores, home good catalogs and home goods websites have a large selection of materials, shapes and prices. You may even want to by two styles so you can change with the seasons.

If you are a die hard do-it-yourselfer, and want to make your own chair covers, then you are in luck too. If you can sew clothing by following a pattern, you can handle a slipcover. Most pattern brands have a home section in their catalog and you can find patterns for dining room chairs, upholstered chairs like wingbacks and even folding chairs. It is also a good idea to pick up a How-to book to help you get started. They usually have helpful hints on everything from measuring to sewing techniques.

One last piece of advice for you. Whether you buy or make your own chair covers, be sure to pay close attention to the fabric. Choose a sturdy fabric that is closely woven. This will ensure that it will look good for a long time without unraveling or stretching. Less expensive chair covers made of inferior fabric may be tempting, but spending the extra money on quality will pay off in the end.

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