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Searching for ready-made chaise slipcovers? You've probably been looking for some time with no success. Why is it that ready-made slip cover manufactures who have slipcovers for couches, loveseats, ottomans, and recliners don't have one for a chaise lounge? There is a reason for that.

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What is the story behind chaise slipcovers?

Most ready-made slipcover manufacturers will tell you that they don't have a slip cover for a chaise lounge or chaise chair and don't plan on making one in the future. Usually the most they can offer is yardage of fabric so that customers can make their own chaise slipcovers or have them custom made.

The reason for that is simply because chaise lounges come in too many different sizes, styles and structure variations. Chaises can have a high or low back, a flat or concave back, they can have two arms, one or none, they can be square or rounded at the foot, and the options go on.

This leaves the owner of an old and outdated, but beloved chaise lounge two options. They can either buy material and find a good and affordable custom upholsterer or make their own. If your chaise lounge has clean, straight lines this should not be too difficult. Frankly, if you can follow a pattern you can sew a chaise slipcover.

Choosing the fabric is an important step. With all the work you will be putting into this project, you wan to bse sure your slip cover will last. So, shop for quality, durable fabrics. They may cost a few dollars more a yard, but it will be worth it when you see and use the finished product.

Chaise Slipcover

Finding a pattern should not be difficult. Most pattern companies have home sections where they offer patterns for furniture. If you have never done a slipcover project before, you may want to consider taking a class or purchasing a how-to book. They usually are full of tips that will keep you from making those "first time" mistakes.

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