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Don't buy a new couch! Buy beautiful couch slipcovers instead. The material may be worn or torn, but if your couch still has a solid structure and good lines, don't give up on it too soon. There are stylish couch and loveseat slip covers to suit any décor and budget.

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Most ready-made couch slipcovers are what is known as loose-fit. No doubt you've seen them in catalogs and websites like Surefit and Pottery Barn, as well as on the shelves of many home goods stores.

These couch slipcovers are a far cry from the old furniture throws you grandmother was forever tucking back in. Today's couch slip covers give a semi-fitted look to a variety of furniture styles.

What you will find, once you start looking for your ready-made couch slipcovers is that most follow the same general style. They are a one-piece slip cover that drapes over the entire piece of furniture. They usually are made up of several pieces of fabric sewn together to create a structure and have ties or elastic to improve the fit. They are also available in a wide and wonderful variety of fabrics, from velvet to denim, plus most makers also offer matching pillows and accents to give your room a decorator look.

Designed to fit a range of furniture sizes and styles from oversized to sectionals, ready-made couch slipcovers are fitted to you furniture in a unique way. You simply tuck self-anchoring seams and extra fabric between the back, seat and arm cushions. However, if your couch has thin arms, this can cause a poor fit. In these cases a section of furniture foam or batting, secured with a strong tape, can add the fullness needed.

Couch Slipcover
Some couch and chair styles create better slipcover anchoring than others. Since anchoring is done by tucking seams between the cushions, furniture constructed with attached, one-piece cushions such as tight-back and attached-back styles works the best. The tight crevices between the seat, back and arm cushions provide a secure anchor for slipcovers. Couches with removable seat and back cushions, t cushions or scatter-back pillows can be more difficult to slipcover with ready-made covers.

For an economical price you can change an old, outdated couch into the focal point of the room with couch slipcovers. It takes a little extra work on your part, but if you are on a budget, it is well worth the effort.

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