Custom Slipcover – Custom Slipcovers or Ready-Made?

Looking for custom slipcovers or just wondering what all the excitement is about? Custom made slipcovers are a smart and economical alternative to buying new furniture. If you like the lines of your sofa or your other over stuffed furniture, don't toss it out, give it a beautiful second chance.

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What is the difference between custom slipcovers and the ones you can buy ready made? You'd be surprised!

Custom slipcovers are made to the exact measurements and shape of your furniture. Ready made slipcovers, on the other hand, are made to fit a broad range of furniture styles. For instance they may offer one slipcover for couches, one for love seats and one for chairs. With all the different shapes and sizes out there, these ready made slipcovers will fit some styles better than others and leave you to fumble with elastics and ties.

There are even more benefits to custom slipcovers, like:

  • Unlimited material selection
  • Separate cushion covers as opposed to a single cover
  • Covered welt accents on the frame and the cushions
  • Zippered closures for easy removal and laundering of cushion slipcovers
  • Your choice of decorative detailing like piping and skirt style

Before you go ahead and order those custom slipcovers, there are two factors you should consider:

  • Condition - Is the piece of furniture you want to upholster in good condition? If the springs and filling are in disrepair you may be better off buying a new piece.
  • Cost - Will the final cost of the custom slipcover, including fabric and labor, be more than the cost of a new sofa or chair?
Custom Slipcover

Both custom fit slipcovers of ready-made slipcovers are the ideal solution for those who fear the long term commitment of upholstery. The deciding factor for most, however, is cost. Custom slipcovers will be significantly more expensive than the ready-made variety. If you have your heart set on custom, because of their fitted and tailored look, but don't have the budget, why not try your hand at making your own? There are volumes of do-it-yourself slipcover books out there. With a little patience and a good illustrated step-by-step guide, you will have professional looking custom slipcovers at a fraction of the cost.

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