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Dining chair covers are a quick and dramatic way to dress up your dining chairs for a change of season, a special occasion ... or just to cover a piece that's seen better days.

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Finding the perfect dining chair covers is a fast, easy, inexpensive way to extend the use of your dining room chairs. Best of all, a new set of dining room slipcovers will add immediate pizzazz to your décor!

Things to Consider When Buying or Making Your Slip Covers

Choices in slipcovers run the gamut in durability, lifestyle, and fashion. Keep in mind that dining room slipcovers are different from slipcovers for your chair or sofa – they are highly likely to come in contact with food. You want to think of the everyday practicality of your slipcover – if your fluffy feline takes up residence on your charcoal chenille, you will be buying stock in lint rollers. To find the dining room chair slipcovers that are right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Should your slipcovers be washable? Consider the pros and cons. Although this requirement may limit your choice of fabrics, it's an option worth considering around children, pets or in a high-traffic dining room. Scotchguard does protect fabric from stains but remember that it washes off after two to three washings so you may want to reapply.

  • How about fabric and style? Will your dining chair cover be short or full-length? With a ruffle or bow, or sleek and minimal? Some new styles are tightly fitted to the chair. They actually stretch like latex. Is your dream fabric a flowing velvet, or tapestry? Or perhaps a short, snappy slipcover in a seersucker or twill?

  • What color are you looking for? Light colors make a fresh statement especially for spring and summer, but may show dirt more quickly. Medium colors and prints will hide stains best. If you like to re-decorate frequently, neutral colors make sense.

  • Seasonal? You might want to order more than one set.

  • Be sure to measure your chairs. Whether you go for pre-made slipcovers, custom slipcovers, or make your own slipcovers – measure your chairs first for the best possible fit. If you have dining chairs with arms, be sure to consider this when shopping around.
Dining Slipcover

Decorating with Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

Using these questions as your guide, you will soon find slip covers that have both the functionality and the look you want. You may even want to coordinate your dining room chair slipcovers with window treatments, placemats and tablecloths.

Now that you know how easily dining chair covers can update and transform the look of your dining area, consider taking the elegance of dining room slipcovers to other rooms like the kitchen and even outdoors. Why not cover your patio dining chairs, or the chairs in the rose garden? Once you've seen what dining room slipcovers can do to create a mood and a look, the sky's the limit!

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