Futon Covers – Caring For Your Futon Cover

Shopping for a stylish futon cover to add wow to your room? Already have a great futon cover? Either way, the key to keeping your futon cover looking good is the care you give it. Your futon is probably the focal point of your room, and a quality cover can be expensive, so take proper care of it and it will look great for years.

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Futon covers come in a large selection of materials, patterns and colors. Today's trendy futon couches and chairs are sporting more than the popular cotton, they are "looking good" in denim and leather (or quality vinyl that looks just like leather) futon covers as well. Some slipcover sets even offer matching pillows for a true custom designer look.

With so much style, you may forget that your futon cover also serves the very important function of protecting the mattress and furniture from dirt & spills. Luckily keeping your futon cover looking like new is easy once you know how.

Caring for futon covers

Keep it clean: Read the washing instructions on your futon slip cover carefully. More delicate fabrics may require cleaning with a sponge and a mild solution of liquid ivory soap and clear lukewarm water; others may do just fine in the washing machine and dryer. When it comes to leather futon covers, again, read the directions. Some may already be preserved in the tanning process and require no maintenance  

Futon Slipcover

Stay out of the sun: The sun can be very harmful to fabric and leather futon slipcovers. It will dry and fade the slip cover. Your best bet is to position the futon in your room away from a window unless the window has blinds or curtains to shade the futon from direct sunlight.

Turn, turn, turn:
To equalize the wear and tear, and to maximize the comfort, turn your futon regularly. Remember to alternate turning it from side to side and top to bottom.

It's all fluff: Fluffing your cover and your mattress allows the air to circulate through the fibers. This equals out the peaks and valleys. You don't want to end up with two or three permanent valleys where hind quarters use to be.


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