How To Make Slip Covers The Right Way

Avoid costly mistakes when making slipcovers for your furniture. If this is your first go at making you own slipcovers these helpful tips will save you from making aggravating and costly mistakes. Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others?

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How to make slipcovers and not mistakes

Knowing how to make slipcovers is one thing, but having enough experience to avoid the basic but aggravating mistakes of a novice, is another. Whether you are making a slipcover for a sofa, chair, ottoman, or any other piece of stuffed furniture, here are a few invaluable pieces of advice:

  • Don't ruin a slip cover with the wrong fabric. It is very important to select a quality fabric. It should be sturdy and closely woven so it won't ravel or stretch. A few excellent fabrics for slip covers are linen, denim, and medium-weight cotton. Since you are making these slipcovers yourself, you will want to avoid heavy upholstery fabrics. They are beautiful, but hard to sew. Also keep in mind that a fabric with a pattern like a floral or stripe will require extra yardage. Lastly, wash your fabric and pre-shrink it before you do any sewing.

  • How much fabric do you need? The only way of knowing is to measure carefully. Pattern instructions and Slipcover books will give you guides to figure the yardage. To give you some idea, you will generally need 11 yards for a skirted arm chair, 26 yards for a couch, and 19 yards for a loveseat.

  • Keep it simple! Sewing slipcovers isn't a quick, easy project. Your first project should be something simple like a dining chair or ottoman. You can work up to the more complicated pieces of furniture. And if you don't think you can do it properly, don't do it! There are plenty of professionals who you can call to make slip covers for you.

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