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Looking for leather slipcovers to give your bland cotton couch the look of rich leather? A simple leather slip cover can change any stuffed piece of furniture from ratty to rich. You just need to know what to look for.

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Leather slipcovers are quickly gaining popularity. Cotton has traditionally been the preferred material for slipcovering a sofa, recliner or any other stuffed furniture for that matter. But things are changing fast. Leather slipcovers add warmth and texture to a room and are surprisingly durable and low maintenance.

The feel and drape of real leather and suede is luxurious. However, it can be a little pricy. If you want the look of real leather but don't have the budget, then consider the all polyester leather-look slip cover. It still has the smooth modern look of real leather but is virtually maintenance free. It goes into the washing machine then the dryer and is ready for you to toss it back on your couch.

Within the leather-look materials there is a new star – the stretch faux leather! It eliminates tugging and

Leather Slipcover
fixing. Its four-way stretch fabric is form-fitting and fits snuggly to furniture. But this great new material is not just for the living room. It can also be seen as stylish headboard slipcovers. And you would never know it was not real leather. Whatever you put it on, you will find that it looks most like a quality piece of upholstered furniture.



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