Plastic Slipcovers Are Great For Outdoor Furniture

Looking for plastic slipcovers? They are a "must have" for outdoor furniture and patio furniture. They will protect your investment and keep it looking like new for years. Read our pages on outdoor furniture and patio furniture covers to find out just what to look for. However, if you are looking for plastic slipcovers for furniture inside your home, please read on.

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If you are considering plastic slipcovers for a sofa, chair or any other piece of indoor furniture, you obviously didn't grow up in a home with plastic slipcovers. For those who did, however, the memories are the same – falling asleep on the couch and waking up ten pounds lighter!

It was the plastic slipcovers on the chairs, couches and even throw pillows (yes, throw pillows!) that were the culprits. Upon waking you would be laying in a puddle sweat and when you tried to get up, any exposed skin that had stuck to the plastic stung as you pulled it free.

Plastic slipcovers just are not an alternative to material slipcovers. The plain fact is that there is nothing warm and inviting about plastic slipcovers. Plus, anyone wearing silk or satin will slide right off. That being said, do you still feel the need to put something on your furniture because it is Fido's favorite sleeping place? If you put a material slipcover on, it will get soiled and full of hair - making your couch, for all intents and purposes, a VERY large dog bed and not a couch at all. Consider training Fido to sleep on a dog bed and keep your furniture for yourself and guests.

Plastic Slipcover

If you bring Fido in the car with you, you probably have the same dilemma there. However, dog car seat covers are a great answer. There are typically two seat styles available; a single cover for the passenger side seat or a double seat cover for the back seats.


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