Sectional Slipcover – Sectional Slipcovers Vs. Reupholstering

Is your sectional looking dated and worn? Can't decide whether to buy sectional slipcovers or to have it reupholstered? Here are a few considerations that will help you make the right decision.

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Many people just like you struggle with the decision between sectional slipcovers and reupholstering. If your decision weighs heavily on cost, sectional slipcovers will win every time. As a rule of thumb, it will always cost you less to buy a ready-made slipcover for a piece of furniture like a sofa, loveseat or chair, than it will to reupholster it. If, however, budget is not a concern, make your choice based on your lifestyle.

What does lifestyle have to do with deciding between sectional slip covers or reupholstering? Quite a bit actually. Furniture use, for example plays a big part. If your sectional is in a high traffic area, like your TV room, it will get dirty. In that case, the ability to remove and wash a slipcover is important for you. You certainly can't toss your sectional sofa into the washing machine when you spill something on it.

If, however, the style of your sectional makes it impossible to find a ready made slip cover, then you have three options. First you may want to look into having a custom slipcover made. However, a custom slipcover can cost as much or more than reupholstering your furniture. If that is the case, you can either reupholster your sectional or buy another one. All of their options are a bit pricey.


Sectional slipcovers do offer benefits over upholstery, mainly price and wash-ability. Additionally, well fitted slip covers will give your furniture an upholstered look. Another benefit to slipcovers is the ability to change looks quickly and easily. Some savvy decorators even change their slipcovers with the seasons. It is an inexpensive way to change the look of a room.

The bottom line is that although upholstery is a good looking choice, sectional slipcovers are the winners when it comes to price, flexibility and maintenance. Why not look around at the great selection of slipcovers yourself.

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