Surefit Slipcovers Are Not Just For Your Sofa

Transform your room in 10 minutes! That is what Surefit slipcovers claim they can do. And they do it! They do it with great designs, beautiful fabrics and fair prices. If you have a worn or dated sofa or chair, you should look at sure fit slip covers.

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Surefit slipcovers has recently introduced an exciting decorating collection. Their new ready made slipcovers feature such fashion-forward fabrics as cable chenille, suede and corduroy with faux leather detail – even the popular stretch fabrics that fit like a glove. Sure fit works to accommodate all of their customers' style preferences. With such a fabulous selection of surfeit slipcovers, customers can change their slipcovers like they change their wardrobe.

You may know that surefit slipcovers are the perfect compliment to your couch, loveseat or chair, but did you know that surfeit has other exciting home décor products? They also offer high quality bedding, window treatments and accents such as pillows. This means that you can create a fully coordinated room.

Sure Fit, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of ready-made furniture covers in the United States. Its signature product is a one-piece slipcover for chairs, loveseats and sofas. They also design and manufacture innovative slipcovers for dining room chairs, wingchairs, recliners, ottomans.

Surefit Slipcover

For more information on surfeit slipcovers or any surfeit product, you can call them at 1-800-305-5857. Or write them at Sure Fit Inc., Customer Response, 939 Marcon Blvd., Allentown, PA 18109.

Surefit has proven that slipcovers are not just for sofas! So rather than spending big bucks for new furniture, reupholstering or custom slipcovers try ready-made slipcovers. They offer an affordable, quick and stylish solution to your furniture woes.


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