T-Cushion Slipcovers – What To Look For

Looking for t-cushion slipcovers for your couch, loveseat or chair with a t-cushion? It is not an easy task. But what are your options? Here are just a few for you.

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The topic of t-cushion slipcovers is a sticky one. First let's establish just what a t-cushion is. It is a very common cushion for couches and chairs that is shaped like a "T". The end of the cushion that ends up under you knees when you sit down has what is known as ears. These ears stick out to the sides so that the cushion actually wraps around the arm of the chair or sofa. That being the case, if you have furniture with this type of cushion then you need t-cushion slipcovers.

The least expensive route to take is one-piece ready-made slipcovers. Surefit is one manufacturer that offers a great selection of styles and materials. These one-piece slip covers, however, take a bit of finagling to get them to work with t-cushions. They are not specifically shaped to fit a t-cushion. What you need to do when putting this type of slip cover on is to wrap it around the cushion and tuck it in a special way. The down side is that you may have to do quite a bit of fixing and re-tucking as the furniture is used.

T Cushion Slipcover

Custom slipcovers are a consideration if you can't find ready-made slipcovers that will do. Although custom slipcovers look great – almost like upholstery – they can be quite expensive – again, almost like upholstery. The benefit of slipcovers over upholstery, however, is that you can take your custom slipcovers off and launder or repair them. You certainly can't do that with upholstery. It is important to evaluate the structure of your furniture before considering custom slipcovers or upholstery. You would not want to put good money into covering a sofa or chair that was structurally unsound.

You can achieve a stylish and rich look with either ready-made t-cushion slipcovers, custom slipcovers or upholstery. So, base your decision upon your lifestyle and your budget and you can't go wrong.

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