Waverly Slipcovers – How To Mix And Match Them

Love the look of Waverly slipcovers? You're not alone. But how do you attain that signature Waverly look when the thought of mixing and matching fabrics instills fear in your heart?

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Waverly slipcovers, decorative fabrics, stretch fabrics, wallpapers, home furnishings and accessories have been the hallmark of tasteful decorating since 1923. Their well-designed, printed fabrics are in beautiful homes around the world. But what gives most people pause is the huge (if not larger!) selection of fabrics to choose from and to try and coordinate.

Beautiful Waverly slip covers for a couch or loveseat are a great place to start. You may know what fabric you want for your sofa slip cover but then what fabric do you choose for your oversized chair, ottoman and pillows?

The Waverly Company knows that you need and want help. That is why they have the following suggestions for mixing and matching prints:

  • Start with one print that you love – your signature print. They suggest selecting a large scale print with several colors. This will give you lots of options for mixing and matching other patterns. Allow your signature print to dominate in the room by using it for the slipcover for your couch, curtains or walls.

  • Next, go ahead and mix in 2-3 mid and small scale patterns. They should color coordinate with your signature print. Make sure that one color from your signature print carries strongly throughout your other patterns. Use the smaller patterns on your smaller upholstered pieces like pillows, table cloths and accents.
    Waverly Slipcover

  • Avoid using patterns that are too similar. For instance, a floral and stripe are much easier to coordinate than two florals.

  • Vary the texture of the patterns you use for added interest.

  • It is very important to balance your patterns with areas of solid color or neutrals. The more patterns you use in your room, the more your room needs the visual relief.
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