Wing Chair Slip Covers Have Come A Long Way

Great wing chair slip covers are finally here! Today's wingback chair slipcovers are well fit and come in loads of decorator fabrics. They look so good people will think you had your wingback chair reupholstered!

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There was a time when using wing chair slip covers meant living with a wrinkled mess barely discernable as a chair. But a few persistent and innovative ready-made slipcover manufacturers came up with a stylish solution. Take another look at wing chair slip covers, you'll love what you see.

You may have had great experiences with slipcovers for your couch, oversized chair or ottoman. But wingback chairs were a whole different story – a potentially frustrating one too! The wings on the sides of the back make it difficult for ready-made slipcovers to fit properly. This was especially true if the wings had curves.

So what makes today's wing back chair slipcovers different? They are not just one piece of material to be tucked and wrapped like a big unmanageable present. Today's slipcovers are made of separate sections of material so that they are sewn, almost sculpted, to fit a wingback chair. Yes, there is still some tucking and tying involved, but the look is fitted and tight.

One manufacturer in particular that did a fantastic job with their wing chair slip covers is the Surefit Company. Their slipcovers have quality details like piping for contrast and pleated (not gathered) skirts. Surefit's wingchair slip covers look almost like upholstery. They also have a large selection of materials to choose from. If you shop on their website, you will find some great diagrams and directions with information to help you decide what you want, measure and order correctly and put your slip covers on when they arrive.

Wing Slipcover

If you looked at wing chair slip covers a few years ago and weren't impressed with what you saw, look again!




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