Window Blinds And Shades For Fashion, Privacy

Window blinds give you unlimited style options with fabric, wood, faux, bamboo or grasses. Discover simple window blind treatment tips fo measuring, installing and creating a home fashion statement.

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Window Blinds For The Perfect Home Decor

* Create An Interior Decorating 'Fashion Statement'. Window blinds give you a designer option to dress-up a tired window, or create a color scheme to compllement wall colors, a designer couch or even create a design tie-in with a fireplace mantel or work of art. Window blind shades are now available in a wide color pallette, so making the perfect match has never been easier!

* Selecting Fabric, Grass, Bamboo Or Wooden Window Blinds. Since man kind created homes, and windows, there have been a wide array of self-directed locally improvised window blind treatments which grew into customs and design traditions. Now in the 21st century so-called 'natural' window blind designs reflect the Roman tradition, a 2500 year history of using organic materials such as wood, bamboo or grasses in order to create an interior window blind treatment. By contrast, 20th century European and American 'Bauhaus' modernistic impulses resulted in both flat concrete 'living spaces' and synthetic extruded cold steel window blinds offered in Soviet-era shades of white, brown and gray. You're no longer stuck with such un-lively designs.


What You Need To Know About Window Blinds For Your Home

* Style Choice #1 - Picking Color And Texture. Get samples, compare online color swatches, and then carefully look at your room in order to think-through the various design consequences of one color or material over another. Importantly, don't rush to a buy-decision. Instead, take days or even weeks to compare light and texture differences in the morning, mid-day or at night when varying light conditions re-arrange color relationships.

* Decision #2 - Window Blind "Inside' Or Outside Your Window Frame. 'Inside mount' requires that your window blind be installed within the space of your window-wall space, louver slats and drop-action originating from a vertical installtion at the top of your window. Alternatively, 'outside mount' means that you'll install your bamboo window blind for instance along the face of the wall several inches directly above your window's top edge. Your outside mount carries the pull-up-down mechanism, which will be artfully masked by a matching wooden valance or decorator piece. Additional mounting options include the 'cafe mount' which is a window blind installed mid way down the window plane. You also have ceiling mount possibilities for yet another look.

* Getting Light Control. Your basic cloth or wood window blind shades feature louvers or slats of between 1 7/8" to over 4 1/2" in width by whatever length you require up to a practical maximum of around 92". Typically, any window width over, say, 50" in width requires two separate window blind shades. Getting control over incoming light is simple. Your take-up mechanism gives up basic up-and-down control, plus you have a separate lever or sometimes string which controls the angle of your slats or louvers. Last, you can order 'blackout' fabrics which effectively block out up to 99% of incoming light.

* Cord And Cordless Control Mechanisms. Standard window blind controller mechanisms include cloth tapes which connect and hold together your slats or louvers. Running through the louvers are fine strong twine or line which gives you simple effective up-down control of your window shades. Alternatively, you can select a cordless take-up mechanism, where you simply push or pull the bottom rail of your window blinds and ... presto... they magically and effortlessly move up or down.

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