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Silk flowers capture the beauty of seasonal, perishable flowers all year long. The wonderful thing about them is that no one will know the difference. Today's silk flowers look so real that even the most perceptive eye will have trouble telling a live flower or plant from its silk counterpart without touching it.

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There is a good chance that you have been to a wedding where silk flowers were used and you didn't even know it. Not only do silk flowers look fresh throughout the wedding day, not bruising and loosing petals like real flowers, but they last long after the wedding is over.

You can add to the list of benefits, that silk flowers are a fraction of the cost of real ones. That is why you will find more and more people choosing silk flowers to create beautiful and vibrant bridal bouquets, centerpieces , swags and boutonnières.

Silk Flower

You don't need to have a green thumb to make any room come alive with delicate or bold splashes of color and the unsurpassed art of nature. That is why they have become so popular not only in home décor, and wedding bouquets and accessories, but anywhere you would use live flowers. You could say that they have come a long way since the very first artificial roses and poppies made from crepe paper, or the waxy looking plastic flowers on your Grandmothers' kitchen table .

How do they make them so realistic? State-of-the-art molding techniques have greatly improved the look of silk flowers and plants . Actual petals and leaves are used to create the prototypes. Screen printing is also used to add color, and variations of color, to enhance the natural appearance. A fairly recent development is the deliberate "faults" in the bloom itself to bring realism to another level. This clever design trick deliberately incorporates missing petals, and brown smudges on outer petals, making the silk flower look like it was just carried from the field.

Although there are virtually an endless number of silk flowers to choose from, some are more popular than others. So, what beautiful silk flowers are most people choosing to don their homes and themselves with? Tropical plants are a hands down favorite and make an eye catching statement. Hawaiian plants, Orchid, Iris and Magnolia are some of the most bold and beautiful. More traditional flowers such as Hydrangea, Lavender and Poppy are also becoming popular not only in the home but for weddings as well.

Even though most silk flower arrangements are not made from silk, it has become a generic term for these lifelike blooms. Most artificial flowers are actually made from a cotton/polyester blend. They hold the color and retain the applied textures extremely well. However, shop around, as the quality ranges greatly, from low-end flowers sold in discount stores to high end blooms sold at a premium. The large majority of silk flowers are made in Asia. However, a small practice of exceptionally high quality handmade flowers remains in Paris and New York

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