Silk wedding bouquet - Silk wedding bouquets last for years to come

Long after the wedding if over, a silk wedding bouquet still looks as beautiful as the day you carried it down the aisle. On the other hand, the only memory you will have of a costly fresh flower bouquet is in your wedding photos.

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So much time and money goes into the elaborate bouquets that adorn brides as they make that much anticipated walk down the isle. That is why most brides want their bouquet to last long after the wedding.

It can with a silk wedding bouquet. Today's exquisitely crafted blooms are almost better than the real thing. Fresh flowers will wilt, discolor and stain clothing and carpets. Silk flowers retain their perfect beauty for the entire wedding day, and years to come. They also cost significantly less than a traditional live bouquet.

Silk Flower Bouquet

The biggest difference between live and silk flowers is the cost. Silk flower bouquets generally cost close to half of their live equivalent. That is not to say that silk flowers are "cheap." The cost of silk flowers is derived from the labor intensive workmanship involved. Many silk flowers are made by hand. The most costly tend to be the large roses, calla lilies and orchids. A few less expensive, but equally lovely alternatives are cabbage roses or ranunculus.

A silk flower bouquet is the perfect memento of your special day. In a futile attempt to preserve the beauty of live flowers, brides have tried many things. Freeze drying is a popular method, but costly. Also the result is a fragile and brittle bouquet that is easily damaged. Silica drying is also an alternative. Unfortunately delicate flowers such as orchids, tulips and Freesia don't do well with this method. The bottom line is that you need more equipment and chemicals to preserve your flowers yourself, than the average mad scientist has in his lab. Neither of these options leave you with as beautiful a result as a silk bridal bouquet. Your selection of exquisite and exotic flowers is truly endless with a silk wedding bouquet. The bride is no longer limited by the season or geographic area. With a silk flower bouquet, you can choose any flower you wish, any time of the year. The bouquet of a winter bride will be just as vibrant and magnificent as that of a spring bride.

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