Hairpieces - By silk flower designer Michelle Roy

Silk flower designer Michelle Roy's hairpieces, created from hand made silk flowers, take on a life of their own.

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Every original Michelle Roy designer flower is a unique creation, artfully handcrafted out of pieces of silk, velvet and satin, with drops of Swarovski crystals that sparkle like dew. No two flowers are alike. One beautiful bloom nestled into you hair will make you look and feel fabulous.

Michelle Roy is much more than a silk flower designer, she is an artist and a fashion trendsetter. Drawing her inspiration from the actual flowers themselves, her designs reflect her own personal touch of color and sparkle. From daisies to orchids,

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Michelle's flattering designs are showing up everywhere, but are a favorite among the Hollywood starlets. Each design is available in a variety of sizes from small and delicate to big and bold. With so much to choose from, no matter what your style, there is striking silk flower for you. And if you are a fashion conscious bride to be, what better adornment for your wedding day than a silk flower headpiece made from Michelle Roy silk flowers?

If you have never worn a Michelle Roy hairpiece, you don't have to be an ace hairstylist to secure a bloom in a flattering location. They are versatile fashion accessories, and can be used no matter how you wear your hair. Put your hair behind one ear and place a flower there to hold it back, or place one at the nape of the neck holding a pony tail or to secure a bun or twist. There is no wrong way to wear a flower in your hair. So have fun and be creative with these colorful and flattering blooms.

Although not the same type of silk flower designer as Michelle Roy, NDI (Natural Decorations, Inc.) is a top producer of premier silk flowers, plants and arrangements . The NDI name is synonymous with quality and has been for years. They have an exceptional team of designers with impressive credentials; from the White House to the Oscars. Their arrangements are nothing less than spectacular.

NDI is an importer of high quality fabric flowers. The company is continually searching for the best representation in form and color of flowers from around the world. All of the flowers are exact representations of their live counterparts. That is why they call themselves Natural Decorations.

In addition to their life-like arrangements, they offer a line of home fragrances for you to spray on your flowers, to bring them to life. The fragrances are so lovely, customers us them as perfume. Made from the finest ingredients, these fragrances are light and natural.

If you want to take a look at NDI's fabulous selection for yourself, call them at their headquarters in Brewton, AL at 800-522-2627.

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