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Discount silk flowers and plants are not just cheap, they are a smart buy. Why pay retail when you can buy high quality silk flowers at a fraction of the usual cost by just shopping around.

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If you are in the market for discount silk flowers and plants, you should know that it is all about timing. You simply need to think ahead. Most wholesalers and craft stores stock in bulk a season early. Which means that in early fall you will find fall flowers on clearance and Christmas flowers already stocked.

Now if you are a last minute person and like to whip together a silk flower arrangement the night before, then you should keep a stock of flowers and greenery for all seasons. Silk plants on the other hand are a different story. For the most part, all varieties are available all year round. This being the case, sales offering deep discounts occur at the discretion of the wholesaler.

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Your eyes are your best tool when shopping for discount silk flowers and plants. Look very closely. Be sure that their colors and shapes are realistic. Watch for wear. Check for frayed edges or fading from the sun. Don't ignore the stems. They should look realistic. However, if you just love the flower but the stem is not believable, you can always wrap it with florists tape.

Go ahead and check out your local craft store. Their prices are usually very completive, but their selection and often quality, are not the best. You may find a few exceptional blooms, but for the most part, these stores carry lower grade products. You will get the discount silk flower price, but probably not the quality you want.

Local florists usually also sell silk flowers and plants. This is a quality way to go. It stands to reason that any silk flowers that can stand proudly next to the "real thing" must be quite realistic. You are probably thinking that you won't find any discounts here. On the contrary, it just depends on timing. If you wait for a sale, you may find that the prices are very competitive.

A good way to find a store that sells discount silk flower is by word of mouth or the local yellow pages. If it is a wholesaler, you will need to carve out a good bit of time to look around at all the inventory. There is usually a great selection and you will want to see them all. If the store sells solely discount silk flowers and plants, then they probably can offer the best prices. But don't let the prices distract you, quality may vary. So again, look closely.

Of course you can't beat the convenience of shopping in the comfort of your own home online. Because of the volume of sales these vendors have, they usually can offer the most competitive prices. But be aware of the drawbacks. You are buying sight unseen. But then again, you can always make a small purchase to check out the quality. Another drawback is that you have to pay for shipping and handling, so add that on to your price. Lastly, you don't get to bring your purchase home with you that day. If you don't have much time, this is probably not an option for you.

Shopping for discount silk flowers and plants takes a little work on your part, but the benefit is great prices. And remember, no matter where you choose to shop, let your eyes be the judge.

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