Silk flower leis - Make Hawaiian silk flower leis and garland

Beautiful silk flower leis offer lasting beauty steeped in Hawaiian tradition. These colorful silk garlands that hang around your neck are a perfect touch for any occasion.

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The art of stringing leis is an ancient one. But you don't need to use authentic rare and expensive live Hawaiian flowers - that wilt quickly and are quite costly. It is easy and inexpensive to make your own silk flower leis . Quite versatile, they add a colorful and festive touch to any occasion whether it be a wedding or back yard bar-b-q. With some Hawaiian silk flowers from your local craft store or florist, it is fun and easy to make these beautiful decorations that also make coveted party favors.

Everything from silk flowers to money can be strung to create a custom lei. They can also be string to adorn other body parts. They can be made to rest on the crown of your head, wrap around your wrist or ankle. So have fun and use your imagination. Simply keep in mind that whatever materials you choose, they should be durable. A few natural options are shells, wood or seeds, or combining a few different items. Leis made from these materials tend to require a bit more work to put together since these objects don't naturally have holes in them and will require a fine bit drill to make a hole.

If you are making a traditional silk flower lei , you will use a fine cotton twine or floss strung through the center of the stem or through the side of the stem, or even alternate both ways. Alternating positions will give you a thicker and fuller finished silk flower lei.

For a more masculine lei, use silk greenery . If you love the sea shore, a lei of shells, driftwood and other natural pieces is ideal. Anyone with a sweet tooth would appreciate a lei strung with cellophane-wrapped goodies. Leis are ideal for just about any special occasion - from graduation day to 90 th birthday.

Remember, there is no wrong way to make a lei. Let your imagination run wild. And depending on the materials you choose, there is no limit to the different occasions for your handmade leis. The creativity and time you put into your beautiful lei will be sincerely enjoyed and last a lifetime.

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