Silk rose petals and freeze dried rose petals

Add luxury to your wedding day, or any special occasion, with silk rose petals or freeze dried rose petals that have all the beauty of fresh roses. Fresh rose petals are certainly the stuff dreams are made of, but they quickly turn brown and crease, no longer looking elegant, but dirty. Also, fresh rose petals can stain carpets, linens, floors, not to mention white wedding dresses.

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Cleaner than bubbles and safer for the environment than bird seed, velvety smooth silk or freeze dried rose petals can be proudly tossed at the end of any wedding ceremony. On a more practical note, b oth silk rose petals and freeze dried rose petals are more often accepted by churches and reception halls than real rose petals.

Silk Rose Petals
Silk rose petals are sold everywhere you buy wedding supplies, are available in every imaginable color, and are quite affordable. For an added treat, you may wish to purchase scented silk petals. Their subtle scent will have you thinking you are surrounded by luscious rose bushes. And when your elegant event is over, you can save your silk petals for future use.

Freeze dried rose petals can also be easily found at reasonable prices. However, unlike silk rose petals, they are naturally scented. And unlike fresh petals, freeze dried rose petals retain their color and texture. However, they will crumble under foot, and in most cases can not be reused as silk rose petals can. One thing to keep in mind when using freeze dried petals is that you should plan to use them within 1-2 months from when you receive them. Plan your order so that the petals arrive about two weeks prior to the event for best results. Store your petals in a cool, low humidity place (air-conditioning is best), away from direct sunlight. Petals are usually not a returnable item, so plan accordingly.

Here are some wonderful and decorative uses for rose petals along with suggested quantities:

The guest toss at a wedding - fill organza bags with petals for guests to toss - you will need approximately 1 box per 30 guests (10 petals to a cone, tulle bag or clear envelope).

Table decorations - sprinkle on guest, buffet and cake tables for added elegance - for a 60 inch round table use approximately 1 box for 4 tables, for a c ake table or sign-in table use approximately ½ box per table

Flower girl baskets - give the flower girl something to toss as she walks down the isle - you will need approximately ½ box for a single flower girl basket

Potpourri - add other fragrant dried items to make a potpourri for home or gifts

Romantic rendezvous - sprinkle on pillow cases or around the room

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