Silk flower pin - Silk flower pins add beauty and romance

The silk flower pin marks the return to elegance and glamour. Don't underestimate the power of a silk flower pin. One simple colorful bloom can breathe new life into a simple black dress or a ho-hum hat.

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Big, beautiful silk flower pins are showing up on everything from weekend wear to eveningwear. You'll find them holding together wrap dresses, attached to ribbon chokers, and much more.

If you've never donned a big bloom before, a basic black rose silk flower pin is always a safe bet. Start by pinning it to a simple sleeveless sweater, wear it on a blazer near the lapel, or even use it to hold a wrap shirt or pinned to your shoulder holding a shawl. For a glamorous holiday look, pin it to a black satin ribbon with something strapless.

Silk Flower Pin
Silk Flower Pin do's and don'ts

-Don't forget that an oversized silk flower pin is a big attention getter. Place the flower next to a body part you want to emphasize. You may want to place it near the face on your shoulder or on a choker.

- Do consider what you will be wearing with your silk flower pin. It sticks out a bit so you will need to think about what coat can be worn over it. You may also need to switch to a hand held purse since you may not be able to put a strap over your shoulder without getting it caught up in the bloom.

- Do go for the rich colors like red, pink and blue. The monochromatic look is a classic, but most people look great with a dash of color.

- Don't dress like the Scarlet O'Hara. If you are going to don a big bloom, don't overdo the hair or sport a frilly dress. Play with extremes and go for a simple outfit when you are wearing your silk flower pin.

- Don't wear bracelets, necklaces or large earrings with your silk flower pin. It is a fashion statement that needs to stand alone.

- Do experiment! Find original ways to wear your silk flower pin. Pin it on a simple hat. Wear it on a little black dress. Add it to a belt to show off a trim waistline. Buy two and wear them on your shoes. A particularly popular way is to pin it to a ribbon and wear it around your neck like a choker.

No matter what your fashion budget, you can have a beautiful bloom for yourself. Most department stores, boutiques, or even online stores sell silk flower pins. And they range in price from lovely paper versions for $12 to designer silk numbers made by hand for hundreds. However, if you are even remotely crafty, you can just attach a pin to a silk flower from your local craft store. With a little care and an occasional cleaning, your bloom will look "just picked" for years. So go ahead and "pick" one up for yourself today.

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