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What makes silk flower swags so popular is their decorating versatility. A floral swag can enhance a window, doorway or banister, liven up a wall, make a mantel stand out or soften a headboard. Drape or hang one anywhere you want to add beauty and elegance.

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If you are not familiar with silk flower swags , they are simply a shorter version of our traditional garland. However, they are by no means just a holiday decoration. Although they are quite well known for festively adorning a mantle or a staircase at Christmas time, they can be a beautiful focal point in any room all year long.

Most home decorating stores, specialty shops and florists sell silk flower swags . These lovely creations can be made up entirely of silk blooms, or supplemented with fragrant dried flowers, bows and decorations. The use of dried flowers tends to give a floral swag a more country look.

Silk Flower Swags

If you have even one crafty bone in your body, you can make a fabulous silk flower swag yourself. It is as easy and putting together a silk flower arrangement , and the only tools you need are a hot glue gun and florist wire. Before you purchase your flowers or greenery, measure the area you will be placing the swag in. For a swag with a graceful "U" shape, plan on twice the length of the space. Of course, if you will be decorating a mantle piece, you will want a straight swag. To create the base of your swag, you can use one of two easily found materials - hemp rope or black plastic garbage bags that have been tied together. Either of these work well because your base must be supple enough to drape and strong enough to hold the weight of the flowers and greenery. Make knots in both ends of the base material and you are ready to get started.

A lush material to cover your base is what you are looking for. Dried moss or silk greenery such as ivy or fern work great for this purpose. Using a glue gun, cover the base completely with either material. The next step is to start attaching our flowers. Depending on the look you want, you can approach this one of two ways. You can make small bouquets out of the flowers you have chosen with floral wire, and wire or hot glue them to the swag. Or if you want a more "natural" look, simply hot glue individual flowers randomly over the length of the base. After you h

ave made your fabulous silk flower swag, you may want to embellish it. Ribbons are a nice touch. Or really have fun and add strings of pearls, holiday decorations or any small objects you like. The important thing is to have fun and allow your creation to reflect your own personal taste. It will look great!

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