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Silk wedding flowers are the answer to a bride's prayers! These exquisite life-like blooms won't wilt or discolor, and they won't stain your dress or carpeting like real flowers. The best part is that they are far more convenient and economical than real flowers.

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Most brides today struggle with whether to go with a fresh or silk flower wedding package. The deciding factors are usually cost, appearance, durability and convenience. Silk wedding flowers win every time.

Silk flowers are the beautiful imposters in many bridal arrangements. They are exquisite in a headpiece for the bride, or simply as silk flowers in the hair that never wilt. Their lasting beauty is unsurpassed in a bridal bouquet . As a table arrangement, centerpiece, topiary or candle ring, they become coveted favors by wedding guests.

Silk Wedding Flowers
The cost savings is the biggest difference between live and silk flowers. It is not uncommon for the cost to be close to half. Of course, some blooms are expensive even in silk. This is due to the workmanship involved. Many silk flowers are made by hand. The ones that tend to be more costly are the large roses, calla lilies and orchids. A few less expensive, but equally lovely alternatives are cabbage roses or ranunculus.

Are you concerned that silk wedding flowers will look fake? This will, of course, depend on the quality, which will reflect in the price of the flowers. However, a high quality silk flower can appear every bit as realistic as a fresh one.

You can choose silk flowers and still have a hand-tied bouquet. Many people have this concern. Simply speak with your florist about a stem holder. They make the handle appear to be a large bunch of stems, instead of a thin wire handle.

Some brides may choose fresh flowers because they want their flowers to be aromatic. Simply ask yourself this question "is the inflated price tag worth the smell?" The fact is that guests at the wedding never get close enough to the flowers to smell them.even the ones one the table!

Of course, durability is something to consider. Live flowers will discolor, bruise, fall apart, and stain clothing. This is not the case for silk flowers. Plus, the bride who chooses the silk flower wedding package will have a wonderful keepsake when the day is over - as will her bridesmaids and lucky guests.

The convenience silk flowers afford may be the best thing about silk wedding flowers. They can be ordered long before the big day, leaving ample time for corrections. For the truly savvy bride, silk flowers are the answer.

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