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Any crafter knows that wholesale silk flowers cost less than retail. But do they always? It depends on what flowers, plants or trees you are in the market for, and what wholesaler you shop with. There are great buys out there, just shop smart.

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If you like to do last minute silk flower arranging then you should stock up on flowers and greenery for all seasons. This way you have what you need when you are ready to start creating. This is not the case with silk plants and trees. For the most part, all varieties are available all year round.

When shopping for your wholesale silk flowers , look closely. Make sure that their colors and shapes are realistic. Also look for wear. Be sure that they don't have frayed edges or that their colors are not faded from the sun. Also look at the stems. They should look authentic. However, if you love the flower and the stem is a bit crude, you can always wrap it with florists tape.

Silk Flower

If you are shopping at a local craft store, you are all too familiar with the big, colorful signs that scream savings at you. Granted, their prices are probably very completive, but their selection and often quality, are not the best. You can usually find a few outstanding specimens, but for the most part, these stores carry lower grade products. In this instance, you are getting wholesale silk flower prices, but not the best quality.

Local florists will often sell silk flowers, plants and trees. And you know that any silk flowers that can stand proudly next to the "real thing" must be quite realistic. They are usually of high quality, but also carry a high price tag. Yes, I know that this is not wholesale, but, if you wait for a sale, you may find that the prices are very close.

Once you find a wholesale silk flower supplier through word of mouth or the local yellow pages, plan on spending a good deal of time shopping. The selection is usually large and you will want to see them all. These prices are usually the lowest you will find anywhere. Quality however, may vary. So again, look closely.

For convenience you can't beat shopping online. The prices are usually even better than a local wholesaler, because they sell in bulk, but there are drawbacks. You don't get to see and touch the flower in person before you purchase it, and you have to add shipping and handling on to your price. Additionally, you don't get to carry your lovely silk blooms home with you that day. If you have a tight deadline, you may not want to entertain this option.

Wholesale silk flowers, trees and plants are readily available so you have lots of choices. Regardless of what supplier you choose, let your eye be the judge. And remember, in most cases, high quality flowers cost more and are more realistic.

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