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Make a big decorating impact on a small budget with silk flower wreaths and baskets. They immediately give any room a finished look and their beauty lasts and lasts.

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Silk flower wreaths have always been a popular wall and door decoration. They are versatile and go with any décor. Bold beautiful flowers create a contemporary feel, while more delicate flowers, along with dried flowers, create a county look, and colorful silk leaves bring the beauty of fall into your home. The options are endless.

Above the mantle and on the door are traditional places to display silk flower wreaths . However, they are popping up all over creative households. They are used as picture frames and centerpieces. You can even liven up a plain chandelier with a wispy wreath.

Silk Flower Wreath

For the holidays, Christmas wreaths are an age old decorating staple. A colorful wreath hung on the door welcomes guests and adds a festive touch to the outside of your home. And there are so many different designs out there that it is easy to express your own personal style. Every color of bow from soft pastels to flashy metallic adorns Christmas wreaths today. Additionally, fancier versions sport lights, colored balls or little Santa Clauses. Whether bold or plain, they have a beauty of their own.

Advent wreaths are a simpler cousin to the Christmas wreath but just as beloved. Not hung, but placed on a table, beautiful silk greenery like evergreen and holly are part of a traditional advent wreath. Add the purple and pink candles and a luxurious purple bow, and it will shine on any table.

Silk flower baskets are just as versatile as wreaths and offer a big impact. They immediately brighten up a table, mantle, windowsill or corner. Another fabulous feature of a silk flower basket is that you can change a few flowers when you want to change the look. Simply add a couple more colorful silk blooms in the summer, and maybe a few silk poinsettias around Christmas time. It is easy and inexpensive to make changes to suite any season or holiday.

Your silk flower wreaths and baskets will look beautiful for years with just a little care. Most importantly, keep them out of direct sunlight that will fade the flowers. Should they get a bit dusty, cleaning is quick and easy. Place approximately one cup of table salt in a large paper grocery bag. Depending on the size of the arrangement, you may need more or less. Then gently place your arrangement inside the paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times and then shake the bag. The salt works as an abrasive and will gently scrub the dust from the petals and leaves. Gently shake the arrangement a bit as you take it out of the paper bag to remove any excess salt. Then save the bag of salt for another time. It should last for several cleanings. For a quick fix, pull out the blow dryer. Just a few bursts of cool air will remove light dust.

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