Silk Greenery - Silk Greenery adds color at Christmas and all year round

Silk greenery brings the garden look indoors. It is an economical way to add beauty and color to any room.

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Liven up a sparse corner with a lush green plant in a decorator container, or add interest to a boring mantle with sprawling silk ivy in a colorful bowl. At Christmas time, a wreath on the door or some festive garland on the banister creates a holiday mood. There is truly no end to the ways you can use silk greenery. With a modest budget and a little creativity, you can work magic in your home or office.

The bottom line is, if you're looking to decorate your home and introduce the feeling of natural elements without having to water and feed fresh plants, then silk greenery is the way to go. You will even find that the cost savings, over live plants, is substantial. Plus, today's silk greenery is amazingly realistic.

Silk Greenery

No experience is needed to create designer results from some silk greenery and a container from your local craft store. Or you may want to arrange your silk greenery in a favorite bowl or family heirloom. Either way, most stores have a wide variety of silk greenery to choose form, fashioned after every species of life plant. Everything from ivy and fern to palm and eucalyptus is readily available.

If you are the type of person who needs a little inspiration and instruction, just pick up a "how to" book from the craft store while you are there. These user-friendly books offer step by step instructions along with color photos that make arranging silk greenery easy and fun.

Create beautiful silk greenery arrangements for nearly every part of your home:

Swags - Swags make a lovely swag to adorn a curtain rod or to hang above a door.

Wreaths - Wreaths are very popular at Christmas time and all year round. They make a perfect addition to a stark wall, and make a front door more welcoming around the holidays.

Baskets - Baskets are a great option. A lovely stationary or hanging basket overflowing with greenery fits into virtually any décor.

Topiary - Topiaries are elegant and lovely, and add a romantic touch to a bedroom or garden room.

When creating a silk greenery arrangement for yourself, keep in mind the look you want to capture. Remember that you are the artist, and the arrangement can be whatever you want it to be. It should reflect your taste. For instance, there are designs that appear "wilder" or more spontaneous, while others appear more formal. There are country styles, tropical styles, Asian styles and even more masculine styles.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and let your creativity flow. There is no wrong way to create an arrangement from silk greenery. It is all about your style, taste and needs. Best of all, your wonderful arrangement will enhance your room for years to come.

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