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You will think that it's a live palm, but chances are it's a silk palm tree. Quickly gaining popularity, majestic silk palm trees are the ultimate carefree house plant. Today's meticulously crafted plants look like the real thing right down to their delicate silk fronds.

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High quality silk palm trees are a staple in both home and business decor. Their simple elegance and stately form blend in as comfortably in a reception area as they do in your living or bedroom.

Choosing your silk palm tree

Just about every species of palm that you can think of has been immortalized in a lovely silk palm tree . All styles offer that wonderful tropical feel; it is simply a matter of taste.

Silk Palm Tree

If you are thinking of the tall, slender palm trees that line the Streets of Hollywood, you want to look for silk palm trees fashioned after the Coconut palm, Cycas palm or the Fan palm. They are particularly versatile because they fit into small places. If your area is tight but you still long for some greenery, this style of palm is right for you.

If you would rather a fuller, lusher look, you will want a silk Areca palm or a Kentia palm. The entire height of the plant is full of branches and fronds. For those of you who are not up on your palm tree lingo, a frond refers to the unique leaf shape you find on palm trees and ferns. The structure is that of one main stem with many smaller and uniform leaves. This style palm offers more greenery and will fill an area well. Just one of these in a corner can hold its own.

Easy care is the name of the game. Since silk palm trees are not live, they require no water or sunlight, and will never loose their fresh healthy look. Unlike live plants that brown and drop leaves, you can count on your silk palm tree to enhance the beauty of your room for years.

Dressing up your palm

Don't forget to accessorize your silk palm tree. An inexpensive addition such as lighting, a decorative basket or planter, or moss, give your tree a designer look. You can even add some silk greenery or colorful silk flowers to the pot for a more substantial appearance.

Add some whimsy to your holiday with a lighted silk palm Christmas tree. It is a unique and fun idea that will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. Particularly popular in the warmer climates, many people leave their palm trees lighted all year long. The lovely little lights create a warm and special atmosphere.

As you can see, silk palm trees are virtually maintenance free. Just keep them out of direct sunlight that can fade their leaves, and give them an occasional cleaning, and they will last for years to come.

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