Silk topiaries - Design a silk ivy topiary for your wedding

A versatile ivy topiary can add color to a room as easily as it can add romance to a wedding. Silk topiaries look deceivingly like the real thing, but require no maintenance and sell for a fraction of the cost.

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Topiaries are plants and trees that are clipped and trained into whimsical and romantic shapes. The word topiary is derived from the Latin word for landscape gardener. Ancient writings tell us that the art of topiary has been practiced for over 2,000 years. Today, topiaries can be elegant or whimsical additions to any décor or event.

Living topiaries are live plants trimmed throughout their growth cycle to create and maintain fanciful shapes. They require a great deal of skillful care above and beyond water and food. But silk topiaries require virtually no attention, and look fresh and lovely year after year. Because unlike live topiaries, silk topiaries won't wilt, discolor or drop flowers or leaves.

Silk Topieary

If you long for the look of a topiary but can't afford some of the more pricy versions in specialty shops and florists, you can make one of your own. Making a silk topiary requires no previous experience and is fun and easy. With just a few supplies that you can pick up at your local craft store, like silk greenery, a topiary form, a glue gun, florists foam, floral tape, a container, and moss, you can create a professional looking topiary in just a few hours. Additionally, you can add a little flare and personality to your topiary with decorative objects. In addition to the usual silk flowers , you can add sea shells, plastic fruit, ribbons, Christmas decorations, buttons, nuts and anything your mind can conjure up. You can't make a mistake.

How to make a silk topiary for any occasion:

A large clean table is a good place to work. You will first stems off the silk greenery and flowers you have chosen. Be sure to trim to the very end of the stem so that the leaves and flowers will glue securely.

Then secure your florists foam into your container with florists tape. Then insert your topiary form (round shape or cone are the most common). The floral tape will keep it secure.

Next, decide whether you want to cover your form with moss as a background for your design. You would glue the moss on first, and then glue your greenery or flowers to it. Or, you can glue your greenery or flowers close enough together to cover the form completely. If you choose to glue the moss on first, be sure to buy what is called Reindeer Moss. It comes in sheets and is easily cut and glued to cover shapes uniformly.

It is a good idea to randomly glue your greenery and flowers over the surface of the form. This way all materials will be dispersed evenly. You don't want to run out of a particular color before you get to every side. Very soon your whole shape will be covered and you will realize just how easy and fun this craft is.

Now all that is left are the finishing touches. Use your Reindeer Moss and cut it to cover the base of the topiary and hot glue it down. You want it to appear that the topiary is growing out of moss covered dirt. At this point you may want to hot glue on any additional embellishments such as the ones suggested above. And believe it or not, that's all there is to it. Have fun!

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