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The search and purchase of an animal print rug reflects a deep human fascination with the animal kingdom and the role and meaning that animals have had in the formation of human society.

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In the antique and man-made Persian and Oriental carpet world, the weaver's depiction of animals such as the lion or the bird or the tiger or the dragon had deep mystical and symbolic meaning to early societies.

Such images as a lion and sun can be traced back through Persian history to the first and second centuries A.D. That same fascination with animals has been transposed to the world of polypropylene area rugs and synthetic dyes, where tens of thousands of square feet of animal print rug is being produced by the large mills around the world.

Animal Rug
Animal Print Rug Designs can be reviewed online

Animal print rug can come in many colors and in certain cases can include hand hook wool. These animal print rug designs can feature a zebra, lion, bear, fish, moose, tiger, lizard, giraffe, alligator, squirrel as the more popular animal species. A four foot by five-foot animal print rug, created out of hand hooked wool pile, will be priced under $250 by most major wholesale carpet distributors. Animal print rug designs also include matching products for bedspreads along with rugs carrying other decorative designs. Alternative rug designs with animal print imagery are priced in a broad range of $100 to $900. Orders for an animal print rug can be processed online, with shipping costs extra based on location.

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