Bear Skin Rug - Faux Bear Rugs

Canadian hunter-tanner firms licensed by Provincial governments harvest a set number of brown bear, black bear, Kodiak bear and grizzly bear each year.

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A typical trophy bear such as a brown bear used for a bear rug will be six to eight feet long by three feet wide. A bear skin rug of this size is carefully rendered, supported by three to four inches of padding and felt in order to preserve the bear rug for long use and appreciation.

Additionally, a bear skin rug will retain the full set of claws, head and teeth and an artificial cast tongue, and will have natural looking implant eyes used by taxidermists for preparing museum animals.

Do Bear Skin Rug Products Meet Environmental Laws?

Most bearskin rug suppliers can process customer order immediately, unless working on a customized order, with shipment occurring within several weeks of the initial order. A bear rug order can be placed online or by phone. Major credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Buyer data is kept confidential.

A brown bear rug of minimum six feet length and rendered lifelike will be priced between $900 to $1500. Equally, a black bear skin rug with dimensions five to six feet in length will cost $900 to $1500. Meanwhile, a high quality grizzly bear rug of seven feet length will cost up to $3500.  A Kodiak bear skin rug in the seven to eight foot range will also cost around $3500 before shipping charges of between $70 to $100.

Descriptively each brown or black bear rug reflects the flat-footed bear of between 500 to 600 pounds. The tanned and cured bear rug retains the longer back legs, shorter front legs and each bear skin rug exhibits the five non-retractable claws on each foot. Alternatively, a wool rug animal print bear rug of high quality can be sourced from specialty web rug dealers.

A polar skin bear rug will be larger than all other bears except the Kodiak subject to the maturity of the animal. Such bear rug offerings are restricted in the USA from import under the endangered species act, accordingly Americans cannot legally buy or import a polar bear rug. Meanwhile, other foreign nationals can buy such polar bear skin rug online or by dealing directly with the supplier, with prices in the $2000 to $5000 range. In certain niche markets, a synthetic polar skin area rug may be available from online sites or as a novelty line from a wholesale carpet vendor.

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